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Photobooth's management system

*Internal Application

Boothcloud is the backend application for Picturebooth. It’s used for managing and creating your campaigns, and Photobooths you have bought or rented out.

Wireframing two containers.
Wireframing content in on element.
No container wireframe.

The Challenge
To create an easier way for new and current users to create and edit their campaigns from login to finish.

Our main goal was to guide the user to the menu and make their mouth water. The owner wanted me to draw inspiration from Panera Bread; easy to navigate, get right into a menu, and the ability to place an order in one click. UI design wise it’s typical, which contributes to it being easy to use; Nav on top, hero slider with call to action, a section for soup of the day and buying gift cards, and ending with a footer with more pages to navigate to.

User journey.
Guided setup tooltip.
Quick setup tooltip.

From the interviews we began working on solutions to make the process smoother. One thing we did note was that users loved having the guided wizard for first time use or when they haven’t setup a campaign in a while. With that in mind giving the user a choice to pick from a quick setup or guided setup.

The main difference between those two is that the guided setup walked you through each step and displayed a tooltip automatically. This made the user understand each step and their purpose. If they chose quick setup all the steps are unlocked and the user can breeze through and edit anything they wanted without going through the whole process again.

Review step.

During the process the tooltip text is always positive, encouraging, and invoking the user to accomplish an action.